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Theatre for the students, by the students

Current Season (2012-2013)

Smoke & Mirrors: A Short Play Collection
Directed by: Joshua Stenvick

A parade of seven student written ten minute plays all products of Tom Isbell's Playwrighting class at UMD. Laughs, tears, quicksand, and a slew of vulgarities all abound in this exciting and varietal evening of theatre.

September 27-29th, Weber Music Hall

No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre
​Directed by: Derik Iverson

Three damned souls arrive in Hell and quickly discover that their eternal suffering will not come from fire, sulfurous lakes, and torture equipment. All three are forced to stay together forever in one room which soon becomes a battleground of rage, denial, lust, and murder. This classic Existentialist play by renowned philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre presents the idea that "Hell is other people."

December 13-15th, Dudley Experimental Theatre

Romeo and Juliet: A Daft Punk Ballet
Directed by: Colleen Dunleap

The classical story ballet with a little twist. Featuring music by Daft Punk from the soundtrack of Tron: Legacy. This modern retelling of Shakespeare's classic story will open your eyes to a brand new ballet unlike anything you've ever seen.

January 31-Feb 2nd, Dudley Experimental Theatre

Pursed Lips and Wide Eyes by Derik Iverson
Directed by: Bailey Boots

Four friends living in New York seem to be living a pretty typical life. That is until Michael’s girlfriend moves in with him after only a few months. He thinks it’s love, his friends think she’s the devil. After a Oujia board experiment gone wrong, a demonic possession, and other frightening mishaps Michael starts believe to the latter. “Pursed Lips and Wide Eyes”, written by UMD Senior Derik Iverson, has just the right amount of humor and horror to make for a night full of excitement.

May 9-11, Dudley Experimental Theatre

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